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Our bodies are incredible machines that are well equipped to get rid of all the toxins, but too much toxins & our bodies have to work so much harder. Especially now with the toxins around us & in our (processed) foods. With all the stresses & frantic lifestyles we should indeed be mindful of our emotions and thoughts. As much as food can be toxic the same goes for emotions, thoughts & behaviors. They have the same(or even bigger) impact on your health as from the toxins we ingest.


A detox plan resets & cleans your body & can be the start of healthier eating habits. As our programs are body & mind detox programs you will be more aware and conscious about all the effects on your body from clean or not so clean food. Also, the meditation will detox your mind from toxic thoughts & emotions by going to inner silence. This creates a synergy between body & mind & multiplies all the benefits.

Many modern health challenges are related to stress & the amount of toxins in your body & in your mind. Detoxing on all levels will open the door to a much healthier, fitter you. You will activate your self healing capacities.

Some of the Benefits of Detoxing

  1. More engery & vitality

  2. Improved & glowing skin

  3. Less cravings

  4. Less bloating, flatter stomach

  5. Higher focus & concentration

  6. Regeneration of immune system

  7. Anti-aging

  8. More emotional balance


There are many different ways to detox physically from living on juices to a milder plan with light & clean meals free from all refined sugar, animal proteins, dairy, wheat & alcohol. Just living on juices for a week might not be the answer depending on your metabolic type & the capacity for your body to get rid of the toxins.

Depending on how fit & healthy you are you will be able to better(or not) detoxify. It can put an enormous stress and strain on your body if you are too tired or have been eating too much junk food to get rid of all the toxins at once. We provide you with a tailor made plan for detoxing on a clean plant based food program to enhance your innate natural healing capacity and to bring out your inner shine as best as possible. A pragmatic approach for optimal results based on your metabolic type & goals.

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