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"What I am taking away from this week is that although I am eating  less than what I would normally eat, I am not hungry and I feel satisfied. This is an eye opener for me. It helps me realize that when I am more relaxed and eating according to my type I do not to have to think about food all the time to feel happy and satisfied".

"The outdoor walks in nature reminded me of my childhood. I should spent more time in nature as it helps me to disconnect and reconnect. The combination of yoga and this powerful form of  transcendental meditation has been very calming on my mind and enhanced my focus. I have been meditating on my own before but I found the experience of doing it in a group a much deeper and more transformative experience. Thank you for making the meditations so much more accessible to me."

"Hello Birgit, I want to thank you for helping me to find what I have been so desperately looking for this whole turbulent last decade of my life: peace of mind". 

"I enjoyed an incredibly satisfying week! First and foremost, I was happy that the adjusted diet allowed my body to relax a little, after which the rest followed. I have received clarifying explanations and then put the meditation into practice, wonderful yoga classes in the sun, beautiful walks ... Moreover, it was a pleasure to be able to enjoy the beautiful house of Birgit and Birgit herself! A nice start to more .". 

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