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Normal price for 4 private classes    -  285€

When you join the retreat group for the  4 group classes  -  195€

For dates & prices for your own private classes or your own group retreat please contact us

The price includes the handout from the Chopra Institute & the mantra. The mantra is being calculated in the Chopra Institute of Well being. The money for this is being used to sponsor scientific research on the effects that meditation has on consciousness, mental & physical well being & health.

To learn more about the Benefits of meditation please click here:


If you would like to learn Primordial Sound Meditation but are living in the Algarve or staying at a different accommodation, you can join the retreat group for the meditation course. 

The course consists of four lessons of approximately two hours each lesson:

  1. The basic principles of meditation & the importance of your mantra. Here you will also receive your personal mantra & conduct your first meditation.

  2. Practical aspects of meditation & all different experiences you may have. How to work with intention. Group meditation.

  3. The influences of primordial sound meditation on your mental well being & biology/physiology. Group meditation.

  4. The higher state of consciousness that you can achieve with meditation. How this can benefit you in your day to day life. Group meditation.

Primordial Sound Meditation enriches your life, gives you more peace & focus. More on Primordial Sound Meditation

Learn Primordial Sound Meditation.

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