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Meditation - Nutrition - Movement - Nature - Personal Development 

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Flow In Nature

The flow of Transformation

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind & reaching a state of consciousness that is different from the normal waking state. It is the means for unraveling all the levels of ourselves & finally experiencing the center of consciousness within.

The healing power of nature in the Algarve balances your energies.

Nature is the best supporting force to help you find your flow by connecting to your inner silence. You will discover natures hidden message in the different elements of nature as building blocks of life & catalysts for change

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Seduce The Senses

Primordial Sounds are calming the mind & awakening the Soul. Let the play of the light enhance your mood, let the smells of nature awaken you, let the sun on your skin revitalize you.

Disconnect to Reconnect

 Silence & space reflect the stillness of your inner silence. A luxury gift from nature to enjoy during this week. A quiet mind can become an awakened mind with infinite possibilities 

Into Detox

Because food does matter.

A juice detox or mild detox depending on your specific needs. We work as much as possible with local ingredients to nourish & replenish all cells in your body. Simple & pure plant based food to make you happy & glowing.

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