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Experiencing and awaking to your True Self to be happy and fulfilled

 Do you want to feel more balanced and relaxed?

10/9 - 15/9
Me-time Retreat 

De-stress, balance and connect to your

Authentic Self



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The healing power of nature in the Algarve balances your energies.

Nature is the best supporting force to help you find your flow by connecting to your inner silence. You will discover natures hidden message in the different elements of nature as building blocks of life & catalysts for change

Disconnect to Reconnect

 Silence & space reflect the stillness of your inner silence. A luxury gift from nature to enjoy during this week. A quiet mind can become an awakened mind with infinite possibilities 

Welcome dear visitor,


We are so excited that we are starting again with our retreats. 

Remember the date


October 9th - 15th

De-stress, balance and connect to your Authentic Self.


A transformative retreat with an effective 3-step program to experience your true nature. From here you can follow your heart and end up feeling very  free and fulfilled. 


Want to find out what connecting with your Authentic Self would mean for you? 


Get in touch for a free 30 minutes call.




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