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The healing power of nature in the Algarve balances your energies.

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Nature is the best supporting force to help you find your flow by connecting to your inner silence. You will discover natures hidden message in the different elements of nature as building blocks of life & catalysts for change

Disconnect to Reconnect

 Silence & space reflect the stillness of your inner silence. A luxury gift from nature to enjoy during this week. A quiet mind can become an awakened mind with infinite possibilities 

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Corona Covid-19 update

Welcome to our site.


At the moment all retreats for 2020 are cancelled until further notice. We are aiming to restart end of September and all proposed dates are under proviso that travelling is possible and safe.


"Intent to reservations" can be made without any deposit and a 100% free cancellation.  We will only allow for small groups of maximum 5 and will make sure that all required safety measures are applied for a pleasant and safe stay. 


For all inquiries please mail us at